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29797201886_a8b952f95b_oTW: menstruation

the taboo surrounding talking about menstruation is definitely loosening up, which is absolutely great, but i would still like to address a somewhat problematic issue related to it.

menstrual health, just like any other health-related thing, is a topic the pharmaceutical/beauty industry is milking till the very last drop, and thus there’s a lot of nasty marketing incorporated to make us feel like we have to use exactly this specific product or else we’ll suffer through the every single minute of our menstruation. however, this is not only a thing of the commercial, capitalist world of the tampon and intimate wash (did you know that these actually cause more harm than help?) brands, there’s also a certain policing coming from within the feminist/eco community.

what the hell am i talking about? the fact that there’s way too much discussion about what the ‘best’ menstrual hygiene product is, yet there is nothing like that. there are a lot of lowkey-shaming articles about how much you destroy the planet when you use disposable tampons/pad, which is of course true, yet there’s very little acknowledgement that menstrual cups are not the best fit for everyone, being it due to comfort, shame, religion or any other personal belief. menstruation politics, however liberating it might appear, still tends to police menstruating bodies heavily, which is not progressive at all.

thus, i would just like to say one thing:
no matter if you let your blood flow loose or collect it via any kind of menstrual hygiene product, it is your body and your menstrual blood, and you decide what you do with it. of course, there needs to be a certain responsibility in (all) our consumerist choices, but your own health and comfort should be the most important in this case.

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