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[image description: pile of feminist books on shocking pink background]
[image description: pile of feminist books on shocking pink background]

it’s no secret how much i hate how elitist queer academia is. i think it’s a bunch of bullshit that these highly educated academics preach about how we need to destroy class and gender and all other unfair structures prevalent in our society, but make it virtually impossible for anyone without a university degree to be able to read those revolutionary works they take so much pride in writing. posh language is one thing, but it’s also about access to those works; which is often very rare.

and i say, what a crap. i’m sick of information being available only to those who are approved by the academic circle. and because i don’t wanna end up like those dear academics, complaining about this and that but staying in my educated bubble without actually doing anything to change it, i’ve set up a lil online open queer library for anyone interested. it’s all the PDFs i have saved on my computer, some real classics of queer studies, some more niche studies. i’ve done PDF giveaways on my Instagram before, so why not make it available for everyone all the time?

it’s not much, but it’s at least a little step forward to making the stupid academia a bit more accessible, isn’t it? so just click the link below and read, read, read, my dears, there sure is a lot of interesting stuff!


click here to access the online queer library open to all

here’s what you can find there so far (will keep on updating):

Sandra Lee Bartky – Foucault, Femininity, and the Modernization of Patriarchal Power

bell hooks – Ain’t I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism

bell hooks – Feminism Is for Everybody: Passionate Politics

Simone de Beauvoir – The Second Sex

Leo Bersani – Is the Rectum a Grave?

Judith Butler – Bodies That Matter

Judith Butler – Gender Trouble

Judith Butler – Undoing Gender

Judith Butler and Performativity for Beginners (worksheet, summary of Butler’s theories)

Tim Dean – Mediated intimacies: Raw sex, Truvada, and the biopolitics of chemoprophylaxis

Michel Foucault – Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison

Michel Foucault – The History of Sexuality, Volume 1: An Introduction

Jack Halberstam – Gaga Feminism

Annamarie Jagose – Feminism & Psychology

Toril Moi – From Femininity to Finitude: Freud, Lacan, and Feminism, Again

Laura Mulvey – Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema

Juana Maria Rodriguez – Queer Sociality and Other Sexual Fantasies

Gayle S. Rubin – Thinking Sex

have fun, educate yourself, and make academia queer again!

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