BLOG/SEX | on pro-sex activism

photo by Miruna Sorescu, Kotryna Abaravičiūtė and me for our ‘Pornification’ project
TW: sex, rape, sex work, porn, promiscuity

i have spoken about it already, but i just wanted to give you all a little heads up again:

pro-sex (or sex-positive) activism should not be only about embracing the positive aspects of having sex and ditching any stigma surrounding casual/promiscuous sex.

being pro-sex, or “sexually liberated” as many like to call themselves, does not mean you are enlightened and entitled to judge anyone who does not practice the same lifestyle as you.

pro-sex activism should encompass both vanilla and kinky sex, monogamous and polygamous and promiscuous and any other kind of sex. it should be for those who fuck on the first date and those who don’t fuck once in their life. it should include casual sex and sexting and unusual sex and care for the right state of porn industry and sex work as well as discussions about sexual trauma and demi-/auto-/asexuality and rape and how the internalized hetero sex narratives fail all the sides.

most of all, pro-sex activism should aim to destigmatize and embrace ALL KINDS of sex. it should strive to make sex, no matter how or with who performed, a positive and safe experience.

P.S.: remember, no matter what kind(s) of sex you’re having, consent and discussion are the key!

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