BLOG/BODY | anna vs menstrual cups

i’ve talked about my love/hate relationship with menstrual cups over and over again but i’ve never really fully shared my personal experience with them, have i?

BLOG/SEX | in defense of masturbation

even though it seems like we’re experiencing a sex revolution of sorts, what’s really being liberated is mostly “sex with someone”, and not “sex with oneself”.

BLOG/SEX | on pro-sex activism

being pro-sex, or “sexually liberated” as many like to call themselves, does not mean you are enlightened and entitled to judge anyone who does not practice the same lifestyle as you.

BLOG/BODY | menstruation talks

the taboo surrounding talking about menstruation is definitely loosening up, which is absolutely great, but i would still like to address a somewhat problematic issue related to it.

BLOG/SEX | the real sex positivity

those who have been shamed for being promiscuous now shame those who aren’t like that, which, in the end, leads nowhere near liberation as it simply creates another way of oppression. 

BLOG/SEX | stds

a very brief summary of important info about the most common STDs, just for you, from me.

BLOG/BODY | the never-ending struggle

it is okay to have moments of not feeling good in your own body, or to feel enraged by the amount of food you eat or whatever – as long as you realise that none of the reasons behind it are actually true.