consumerism is the new black

[image description:
1st image: animation; a clock with the word “BUY” instead of the numbers, with a quickly racing hand in between them, on black background
2nd image: animation; with a single dollar bill slowly burning away
3rd image: a photo of an installation on black wall; sentence “CONSUMERISM IS THE NEW BLACK” spelled out in white letters, with six photos hung next to it
4th image: animation; a white person’s hand holding a white paper shopping bag, with the sentence “USELESS BUY OF THE YEAR” spelled in black letters, swinging from one side to another
5th image: dollar bills wrapped in a package resembling store-bought meat, on black background]

collab with Gabriela Holesova
photography and animation challenging the issue of consumerism, vanity and overconsumption, followed by an exhibition & mystifying performance called SALE at KEA
KEA – Københavns Erhvervsakademi, 5th semester

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