All I Want for Christmas Is the Fall of Patriarchy art show

All I Want for Christmas Is the Fall of Patriarchy
Dec 21, 2018
Prague, CZ
organized and curated with Natalie Kollega

It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid – if you’re a white, straight, able-bodied man.
Last Christmas, patriarchy broke our hearts, but this year, to save us from tears, we’ll smash it into pieces! It’s time to steal Santa’s pants and put them on ourselves to show the world how much we’re fed up with sexist, racist, classist, and ableist bullshit! This Christmas we want to create a safe(r) space for everyone.

“All I Want for Christmas Is the Fall of Patriarchy” was a 1-day exhibition organized and curated by Anna Wim and Natalie Kollega, aiming to give platform and visibility to diverse femme and non-binary artists working with themes of feminism, queerness, social justice, and more.

art by Anna Wim, bad juju, Bailey Keogh, Dánae Cuesta, Drago Xie, Dwam, Femmi-Errect, Kass Vladyka, Laura Lulika, Marketa Garai, Matthew Kennedy, Miriama Kardosova, Opashona Ghosh, Rosalind Shrinivas, Sasha Staicu, Sex School, Waginapineapple
drag performances by Just Karen and Gigi Stardust