review: Fun Factory Vim magic wand

I’ve mentioned it many times before: I used to think wands were weird and awkward. But boy oh boy, was I wrong about that!

Nowadays, wands, alongside clit suction toys, belong to the top tier of my sex toy hierarchy. I just love their versatility – they can be used solo or with a partner on various body parts, they pack a real punch when it comes to vibration strength, and they’re very easy to hold and operate. Whenever someone asks me for advice on their first toy, I tell them to get a wand. They’re the best!

Fun Factory‘s very first wand, called Vim (with my name being Anna Wim, it’s a match made in heaven, right?), seems to be everywhere lately. To be honest, I had been quite jealous of all the sex toy bloggers and creators trying it out and then raving about it, so when Fun Factory reached out to me asking if I wanted a promo gift from them, I immediately tried my luck at asking for the one and only Vim. And it worked out, yay!

Having used it almost exclusively for almost two weeks now, let me share my experience with you. But before we dive into my personal opinions, let’s talk a bit about the toy’s features.


According to Fun Factory, Vim is “the most powerful toy [they] ever made.” In comparison to the “leading wand” (we all know which one that is), it should be 32% lighter (it’s a bit below half a kilogram) & 50% quieter – unfortunately, the “leading wand” is not yet in my possession, so I cannot confirm that. Its bendy head is 6 cm in diameter, and the whole body is 31 cm in length.

The wand is covered in Fun Factory’s famous silky smooth silicone, with added wavy structure for better grip – which makes it easier for you to hold and for lube to stay on the toy. It’s also water-resistant. When it comes to colors, you can choose from two options: Sunrise Orange (the one I have) and Midnight Blue. It’s cordless and rechargeable, and boasts up to 6 hours of battery life (which obviously depends on the vibration strength you go for: stronger vibes, shorter times). It also features a travel lock, so you don’t have to stress about it going off in your bag (as wild as it sounds, this did happen to me once – as I had about 7 toys I borrowed for a photoshoot in my bag and was at a store. It took me several minutes to figure out which one was making the loud, buzzy sound. What a fun time!).

With Vim, you can choose from 5 speeds and 3 patterns, which you switch with the toy’s 3 buttons: +, -, and the Fun Factory logo one for turning it on/off. The vibration is centred in the head, meaning you don’t have to worry about your hand going numb from holding it, yay! Apparently, the motor is weighted, which ensures the vibrations stay in the head and deliver the buzzy sensation you search for.

size comparison of the FF Vim and Anna Wim 🫠

My experience

Given my previous experience with Fun Factory’s Patchy Paul years ago, I was a bit sceptical of the claims of Vim’s immense powers at first. Don’t take me wrong, I love Fun Factory and think they’re one of the best sex toy brands on the market, but that one vibrator I got to try out just did not cut it for me. The vibration was not centred in the tip enough for me, but that kinda makes sense given Patchy Paul is more of an internal than clitoral vibe.

I am happy to report that was not the case with Vim: it sure does deliver some nicely pinpointed vibration, right where I like and need it. To bring me to ecstasy, my vibes also need to be strong; and again, this wand ticks that box. Out of the 5 speeds it offers, the 2nd is usually my go-to, sometimes I turn it up to number 3. As for the patterns, I’ve never been a fan of those, so I didn’t really get to testing them out, because they simply never work for me.

In comparison with other Fun Factory toys I own, I was excited to find out that the silicone used on Vim doesn’t catch as much dust and lint as the other toys do, which, indeed, can get really annoying. I do still wish it came with a nice storage case, as it’s a pretty big toy that unfortunately does not fit into any of sex toy storage boxes (yes, multiple boxes, haha), so it just awkwardly stands on the bottom of my wardrobe, lol. Regardless, the material is really nice to touch and very easy to clean. Compared to other wands which usually feature a handle made of hard plastic, Vim’s velvety silicone handle feels extra luxurious and comfy.

Since my only other direct wand comparison is the LeWand Petite, which really is petite, I was quite surprised by Vim’s size and weight. It’s not so big and heavy it would render the toy uncomfortable to use, but it is a significant difference to your regular vibrators for sure. I also found it a bit difficult to use in my favorite and most common way—under the blanket while watching porn on my laptop placed on my belly—due to its size, but again, it’s not something that cannot be worked with. Just a matter of habit, just like when you get a new phone and it’s bigger than the one before, and your hands need to get used to the new shape.

At the same time though, in some moments I did wish the head was a bit smaller to fit the specific size of my vulva/clit, but as we know, everyone’s anatomy is different, so whilst for some that might be a deficit, for others it’s a huge benefit. The bendy neck also makes it very easy to adjust the sensation exactly to the desired areas, so there’s plus points for that. But again, it might take a while to get used to this feature, after years of using very rigid, non-bendable toys.

Fun Factory is correct in advertising its surprising quietness: obviously, it’s not 100% silent, but for a toy this powerful, it really does not make much of a ruckus. And last but not least, can we talk about the battery life? I am just the worst at recharging my toys once they die, resulting in several toys not being charged for months and me slowly going through all of my faves until none of them work anymore. Vim’s impressive battery life span is quite a savior for me thus, as I have yet to charge it after 2 weeks of almost everyday use. We love a long-lasting and reliable toy!

Pros & cons

Now, I’ve said a lot, and I understand some of us (hello, it’s me) prefer to just get the cold hard facts. So here’s a little summary of the up- and downsides of Fun Factory’s first wand, in my not-so-humble opinions:


  • the silicone has an amazing feel and does not catch much dust (compared to other Fun Factory toys)
  • super easy to turn on/off
  • surprisingly not loud
  • really strong
  • battery lasts long
  • bendy head


  • big & heavy (compared to regular vibrators)
  • head is too big for my vulva
  • would be nice if it came with a storage bag
  • bendy head (takes time to get used to)

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