HEALING FROM SEXUAL TRAUMA (online) – for Juicy Leipzig, 22/09/23

i offer workshops on diverse sex and sexual health related topics, for people of all ages, from beginners to advanced kinksters.

i currently offer workshops on the following topics:

  • sexual health – intro to STIs, protection methods, sexual healthcare (testing, treatment)
  • access to sexual healthcare – myths about queer people and STIs, how sexual healthcare can be difficult to access by marginalized people
  • sex toys – intro to sex toys, ethical sex shops and toy brands, safe materials, toy care
  • creative sexting and writing erotica – ideas for better, more interesting sexting, interactive exercises to amp up your sexting skills
  • queer sex – what is queer sex, queer terminology, consent, sex toys, queer sexual health

length: 30 mins – 2.5 hrs

language: English, Czech

pre-recorded workshops

Let’s talk about sex(ual health)

past workshops

“Queer Sex (Czech)” – Mar 23, independent
Intro to sexual health(care)” – Sep 22, for CHEEX
“Creative sexting” – July 21, for Other Nature; Jan 22, for Juicy
“Sex toy intro” – July 21, independent; Nov 21, for Lokal Fetish Week Berlin, July 23, Café Kollektiv Krawall Sommerfest
“Sexual health/care” – October 21, independent; April 21/22/23, for Andersraum Hannover
“Getting STI tested for feminist research” – Dec 20, for Humboldt University Berlin
“Having sex during the pandemic” – Feb 21, for Widener University; Nov 20, for University of Applied Arts Vienna
“Why access to sexual healthcare is a feminist issue” – Jun 20, for Freie University Berlin
Prague Pride x Mezipatra – panel about bi/pansexuality, Aug 18
Alt Pride Prague – panel about sex, Aug 18